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Kay Mogul, who has also gone by Bethony Kay, Bekasings and Bethlehem in the past, has been writing, singing and performing for over 25 years. She definitely knows how to rock a crowd, write lyrics and melodies that turn a beat inside out, and comes prepared to blow down the booth when it’s time to lay that track. 

Kay’s influences are such a broad range, the scroller-by might not believe them all. The very different genres and artists that are included come from Miss Mogul’s unique upbringing. From Motown to the British Invasion and even to the Grand Ole Opry and Broadway singers, Her mom was eclectic and that helped hone Miss Kay’s musical taste and influence.  Bethony’s first record that was her own was Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation. And she would play it on her record player and dance around her room pretending to be the pop star.  Other vocal giants such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Boys II Men, and SWV would help to train her voice as a young singer. 

Friends from school had formed a rap group in the town called The Untouchablez. Two of the members, IG and Cold Dawn approached her about joining. That’s when Bethony got her first opportunity to record in a studio which was Garden Recordings in Lockport. She would feature on several songs with the group and continue to work with them over the years.That is also the group she was with when getting her first opportunity to hit the stage and open for a big name artist, Jagged Edge, at an event called the Jamboree in Buffalo. Kay also worked with Atmosphere Records in Niagara Falls, and eventually was approached by another schoolmate from around the way, Mario Grand, to join forces to create Empyre Entertainment. Herself and 4 other members would create several projects together as well.

Empyre promoted and performed numerous times and Kay Mogul, then Bekasings, was asked to perform in Mandeville, Jamaica along with another group mate of The Empyre, DollyMan. There she was able to join the stage with Jah Mason and other dope reggae artists. 

Bethony gained more popularity in the Buffalo region during 2009-2010 promoting a couple of singles via MySpace and the Unsigned Hype radio show on Buffalo’s #1 urban station, 93.7 WBLK. Sunny Day was one of the singles, and that performed very well and eventually led to Kay Mogul being nominated and winning the R&B Artist of the Year award in the Unsigned Hype Music Awards in 2010.

She also would go to NYC whenever possible to audition for several opportunities. One audition resulted in being called back to write for a giant independent label that was planning to sign another female singer at the time. Though it didn’t end in any major happenings, she continued to receive confirmation that she was on the right path and was great at what she did.

Over the years Kay has released singles and been featured on numerous tracks with hip hop artists, coming highly requested in that regard. She has been hired several times to ghostwrite for artists worldwide via Fiverr, and Kay even co-wrote and performed a jingle for a local retailer, Super Pricechoppers, It has played on WBLK for over 10 years and has increased the company’s brand recognition exponentially. 

She is currently in the process of releasing a single “Find Our Way Home,” which will be out October 14th, 2022, and looking to get it and others placed in tv and film through sync and mechanical licensing. Her other goals include writing and singing backup for major artists and groups in the industry.

Be on the lookout for this star on the rise.

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